NB 60

It is the most versatile cartoning machine of our production line, since it allows the packaging of a wide range of cartons, special cartons included.

It is suitable for several types of products, since it can be supplied with different filling units and specific modular equipments.

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NB 250

To meet continually higher production needs, a set of highspeed cartoning machines has been produced, able to also cater for the request of the most discerning customers.

Equipped with all the electronic controls to guarantee high quality production. Made using mechanical component parts that permit running the machine for long periods without special maintenance.

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NB 80


This model is designed for storing salt, herbs, spices, etc..
The filling is done by means of volumetric dispenser cups, came worm or electronic scales depending on the type of product to be packaged.

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NB 85

This belongs to a series of cartoning machines of medium production speed for small and medium cartons.

Suitable for packing granular products, powders, pasta and others by volumetric dosings or electronic weighers. It may be equipped for the packing of single or in groups bags, bottles, etc.

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NB 150

A cartoning machine of truly modern conception.

It incorporates all the very latest electronic and mechanical features to satisfy the increasingly more sophisticated requirements of production and markets. After undergoing various changes and updates during its 30 years of production, the most sophisticated and modern version of technological machine is now available.

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